Below you can find the accommodation options at discounted prices. Please note that the rooms are limited and will be distributed on a first-come—first-served basis. Also, the rooms should be booked before 24th of July 2014, one month before the beginning of the conference - unless otherwise specified.

In order to book the desired hotel, please contact the hotel via email (or phone). Please note that online booking may result in different prices.

The accommodation options are grouped in:

  • Hotels near the venue
  • Hotels in the Copenhagen Centre
  • Budget options


Hotels near the venue

Scandic Eremitage (3 stars):

Situated 2 km from the venue, it is the closest hotel to the conference. Close to the Lyngby Centre, allows for easy access to both the conference and public transport to Copenhagen Centre.

50 rooms have been prebooked at a price of 1190DKK/room, breakfast included. Booking code: BDTU240814. Reservation before August 14, 2014.

Gentofte Hotel (3stars):

Situated approx. 5 km from the venue and 600 m to the nearest train station. 50 rooms have been prebooked at a price of 995DKK/room, breakfast included. Booking code: 1456750. Reservation before July 10, 2014.


Hotels in Copenhagen Centre

These hotels are located close to the Nørreport Train Station, one of the main stations in Copenhagen. The conference venue is easily reachable using public transport from the Nørreport Train Station. It is by no means an exhaustive list thus feel free to browse for other hotels.

      First Hotel Kong Frederik (4stars):

First Hotel Kong Frederik is located central in Copenhagen, and it is perfect for the traveller who values a prime city centre location and rooms that ooze of eclectic townhouse atmosphere. 25 rooms have been prebooked at a price of 1395DKK/room, breakfast included. Booking code: 3525229. Reservation before July 24, 2014.

The Square (3stars):

Within close reach of both Nørreport Train Station as well as Copenhagen main train station, close to the City Hall Square. 25 rooms have been prebooked at a price of1125DKK/room, breakfast included. Booking code:1452721.

Ascot Hotel(4stars):

The Ascot Hotel is a classic 4-star hotel located in the heart of Copenhagen close to Tivoli and the Town Hall Square. 25 rooms have been prebooked at a price of 895DKK/room, breakfast included. Booking code: 1408DTUFOT.

Copenhagen Plaza (4stars):

The Copenhagen Plaza is a luxurious 4-star hotel built in 1913 at the instigation of King Frederik VIII. This elegant property is located in the very heart of Copenhagen and overlooks beautiful Tivoli Gardens. 25 rooms have been prebooked at a price of 988DKK/room, including breakfast. Booking code: 2103277. Reservation before July 23, 2014.

Budget options

Hotel Postgården(2 stars):

Situated ca. 2 km from the venue, it is on the main street in Lyngby. It provides:

2 single rooms, incl. toilet/shower                                   575 DKK

2 double rooms, incl. toilet/shower                                 750 DKK

4 single rooms, shared toilet/shower                            525 DKK

6 double rooms, shared toilet/showe r                          650 DKK

4 single rooms, no toilet/shower                                   475 DKK

Includes breakfast. Booking code: DTUKON0814. Reservation before June 10, 2014

Lyngby Danhostel

Situated in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Deer Park and approx. 6 km from the venue.

50 beds in shared rooms. Prices from 450DKK/room. No booking code required.

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