Arrival and travel during the conference

How to arrive at the registration desk:

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 
Building 116
DK-2800 Kgs Lyngby

How to arrive from central Copenhagen (5 zones tariff):

Take a commuter train (S-tog, see map) to Lyngby station (Lines B or E), then change to buses 190 (to Holte), 300S (to Gl. Holte), 353 (to Helsingør) or an express line 180E. Get off at the stop "DTU".
-- or --
From Nørreport station, take the bus 150S or an express 173E. Get off at the stop "Rævehøjvej, DTU". Then follow a short walking route (up to ~1:40 on the video; the full route is roughly to the place where the school social event will be held).  

How to arrive directly from the airport (6 zones tariff):
Take the metro (line M2) and get off at Nørreport station. Then see above.
-- or --
Board a train ("Øresundstog") towards Denmark (any train from Track 2) and get off at any station that has S-tog, i.e. Copengahen central station (København H), Nørreport, Østerport or Hellerup. Then change to the "S-tog" train to Lyngby, and see above.

For more information, check this page from the DTU website. You can also consult the Danish journey planner website (in English).


Conference venue

The conference will take place at the Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby campus, 12 Km north of Copenhagen city centre. 

A list of possiblities for reaching the campus using different means of transport together with a map of the campus, can be found here. More informations about the venue is located in the left-hand side menu, under "Conference" topic.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is located on the Zealand island. It has a population of almost 2milion people, including its metropolitan area and can be easily accessed by air, train and road.

Access by air:

There are several airline companies that fly to Copenhagen. For informations about arrival and departures, visit the official Copenhagen airport website here

Train access:

Several options are available for train travelling. If you consider this means of transport, check here the various possibilties.

Road access:

When coming from Europe "mainland" the fastest access by road is using the ferry, either the Puttgarden (DE) - Rødby (DK) or the Rostok (DE) - Gedser (DK) one. From the ferry, the E47 or E55 motorways will take you directly to Copenhagen area. Estimated travel time from after leaving the ferry is 1hour and 30 minutes.

The other option includes travelling through north Germany, South Jylland, Funen Island and Zealand Island.

Transport within Denmark:

Once here, using public transport is one of the fastest ways to reach the Conference Venue, almost no matter where you lodge.

Another fast transport option is using a bike. There are bike-paths all over and, generally, bikes have priority over cars (thus a car turning right will have to let you pass before doing so). Please ask at your hotel for renting options: they will be able to offer the best advice or even rent bikes for you.

For the public transport: at the registration desk we will provide, for those who need, a four-day ticket that will cover all transport from/to the Conference venue to the city centre. Please ask at the registration desk for your 4-day ticket, if you need it.

The main things to know about public transport in Denmark:

1. It is integrated, thus one ticket can be used for all means of public transport: bus, train, metro, local train ...

2. Bikes are free in the S-trains but not allowed in the busses. For the metro and other types of trains you will need special bike tickets that must be purchased before boarding.

3. one ticket is for a certain number of zones and time. More informations about this system here (in English, from page 7).

4. To plan your travel to/from DTU, one can use this travel planner:

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