Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 
Building 116

DK-2800 Kgs Lyngby

For further information on how to get to the confrence venue, click here.

The conference will take place at the Technical University of Denmark, the Kgs. Lyngby campus. It is located at 12Km from Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are several ways to reach the venue by public transport.

First, some general information.

Within Denmark, there is a zone-system one should be aware of. To reach DTU from the central Copenhagen, there are 5 zones. From the airport, 6 zones. To reach central Copenhagen from the airport, there are 3 zones.

Depending on how many times you are planning to travel, it might be cheaper to buy a so-called "klippekort" for 10 clips. They are for specific number of zones but  can be combined in multiple ways. Thus, for example, 3clips on a 2-zones klippekort will make a 6zones trip. Or a three sones trip for 2 persons. Also, one can combine a 2zones and a 3zones klippekort to reach a 5zone ticket. The unused clips can be refunded back at the tickets office. Clip-cards must be perforated in a special machine on the platforms stamping the date and time of the trip. Remember that you will get tickets for the 4 days of the conference at registration. This ticket is valid for all public transport from the city centre (zone 1) to the conference venue (zone 51) and back. Sign the ticket before the first trip.

To arrive at DTU from central Copenhagen: take the S-tog, lines B and E in the direction of Hillerød. Get out at Lyngby station. Take buses 180E, 300S, 190 to get to DTU Campus (direction to the right from the station exit). Get out at DTU stop.

From Nørreport station there is also the option of bus 150S. Get out at Rævehøjvej, DTU stop and cross the motorway.

More informations can be found under the "Arrival" tab on the left.

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